KAT | 20 | PH
ANDY | 21 | UK

We call the two of us KANDY, the combination of our names. We're 6679 miles apart, but still holds on and stays stronger, keeping promises and fulfilling them, keeping dreams alive and making them all come true.

IG: princessofthecelts



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i want to feel your hot breath on my collarbones as you moan my name

i want you to wrap your arms around me like the universe is pulling you away

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Be patient with me. I won’t ever be the girl with all the right words to say. Explaining how I feel is beyond difficult and it frustrates the hell out of me. I could tell you every thought inside my head and still not say everything I want to. So be patient with me because I’ll always be patient with you. And when I’m unable to tell you with my words, I’ll show you with my actions.

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